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  • 500 Series format explained: With Lindell audio

    Apr 9, 15 • 3720 Views • Articles, Editorials, Studio / ProductionNo Comments

      What is the 500 series format?   Started by Automated Processes Inc. (API) to please a market which wanted modularity in their consoles with switchable preamps, eq’s and compressors, they standardized the format into what is known today as the...

  • Analog Lab - The Inventory - Arturia

    What is Analog Lab?

    Oct 1, 14 • 15128 Views • ArticlesNo Comments

    Analog Lab is Arturia’s extremely powerful software synthesizer solution with over 5000 classic synthesizer sounds from Arturia’s premier vintage analog synthesizer recreations, right at your fingertips. After a huge facelift & feature upgrade...

  • Moog Minitaur + Arturia BeatStep

    Bassline Heaven with Minitaur & BeatStep

    Sep 8, 14 • 3449 Views • Quick PostNo Comments

    The Moog Minitaur is an absolute bass monster, no other synthesizer comes close to the low end on this. The oscillators were tweaked to provide maximum low end impact! We’ve been huge fans of the Minitaur and more recently have been combining it with...

  • AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio Young Guru Review

    REVIEW: AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio ‘Young Guru Edition’

    Sep 3, 14 • 5788 Views • ReviewsNo Comments

    The Inventory reviews AIAIAI’s special ‘Young Guru Edition’ of their TMA-1 Studio. It’s more than just cosmetic changes, infact … it’s a completely different monster all-together. Made in collaboration with Young Guru...

  • Maschine Tutuorial Workflow

    Native Instruments Maschine – Workflow

    Jul 31, 14 • 4140 Views • ArticlesNo Comments

    If you still haven’t heard of Native Instruments’ MASCHINE, then you’ve definitely been stuck in a time warp. Fear not, it’s a great time to get out of that warp, especially with MASCHINE 2.0 being released along with the uber-cool...