• AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio Young Guru Review

    REVIEW: AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio ‘Young Guru Edition’

    Sep 3 • Reviews • 5788 Views

    The Inventory reviews AIAIAI’s special ‘Young Guru Edition’ of their TMA-1 Studio.

    It’s more than just cosmetic changes, infact … it’s a completely different monster all-together. Made in collaboration with Young Guru (Audio Engineer for Jay-Z, Beyonce, Alicia Keys & the likes), these special studio editions have a new driver, new earcup design and are probably the lightest in the market! We tested them out for ourselves and they’re incredible.

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  • Maschine Tutuorial Workflow

    Native Instruments Maschine – Workflow

    Jul 31 • Articles • 4140 Views

    If you still haven’t heard of Native Instruments’ MASCHINE, then you’ve definitely been stuck in a time warp. Fear not, it’s a great time to get out of that warp, especially with MASCHINE 2.0 being released along with the uber-cool & extensive MASCHINE Studio!

    Over the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of people integrate MASCHINE into their studio workflow as well as part of their setup on stage, which makes it even more appealing. The ability to create entire tracks on the fly with lots of visual feedback, in the box or sync it with your existing music to overdub is amazing. Not only is it useful for designing and playing powerful, tight drum kits, but also for creating harmonic and melodic content. However, not too many people are completely familiar on how to go about doing that. Thanks to the Native Instruments team, they’ve created a great workflow video series to showcase what you can do with it.

    Check it out!

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  • Review: Arturia SparkLE Controller + Spark 2 Software

    Jun 26 • Articles • 12194 Views

    Arturia SparkLE

    SparkLE is Arturia’s take on what a modern drum machine needs to be. This is a Hybrid solution –  which means it’s a combination of Hardware + Software, giving you get the best of both worlds. Right at the outset, it’s probably important to highlight what SparkLE is and isn’t. It’s meant to be the ultimate ‘Drum Machine’ and that’s the key word here. Its designed to make beats, make them extremely well and extremely fast. Its not designed to replace your DAW or for complete song productions, which means it doesn’t act as a host for third party plugins or deep audio sampling (most of us already have our DAW for that). Now while this may seem like a negative at the start, its actually its biggest strength! Here’s why – simplicity. It focuses on making its core function of making beats, easy, enjoyable and fast. And let’s not forget the price, for which it does a whole lot very very well!

    Lets take a tour of the hardware to see what’s on offer.

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  • Ableton Push - Play Hardware Synthesizers

    How To Use Ableton Push To Control Your External Hardware

    Apr 24 • Articles, Editorials • 5778 Views

    When the Ableton Push controller made its appearance last year, it made a huge impact on the way we perform music live through a computer. Its super-tight integration with Ableton Live guaranteed its stability & ease-of-use, but more than just that … it was a musical instrument than a ‘tool’. Making melodies became a breeze with Push’s scale mode and the velocity sensitive pads provided finger-drummers a perfect platform to jam out a tight rhythm section. Push’s touch-sensitive knobs & screens let you dive deeper into every parameter possible so you can tweak it out to your heart’s content. All of this, was mostly for controlling ‘virtual’ plugins (ie: soft-synths, effect plugins, daws, etc).

    So what if you had an external hardware (ie: a Moog Minitaur or Arturia MiniBrute) that you wanted to control straight from Push? Luckily, it’s possible! Here are a few videos to show you the potential of Push for a fresh perspective on working with hardware.

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  • Archie_Pelago_600X400

    How To Prepare For Problems When Performing Live Music Through A Computer

    Apr 15 • Articles • 21841 Views

    We found this extremely helpful article from Ableton guru – Tom Cosm. It’s a guide to prepare you for all the problems you may face when you perform music live, through a computer. We’ve taken a few extracts from the entire article to focus on the ‘technical’ issues more.


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