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What is Analog Lab?

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Analog Lab is Arturia’s extremely powerful software synthesizer solution with over 5000 classic synthesizer sounds from Arturia’s premier vintage analog synthesizer recreations, right at your fingertips. After a huge facelift & feature upgrade from it’s predecessor (Analog Laboratory), the new Analog Lab is the perfect answer to have all your Arturia sounds that you’ve used & saved in one convenient software.

So what else does Analog Lab really do?

There are three main modes in Analog Lab: Sound, Multi & Live. Let’s look a little closer.




Sound Mode - Studio View

Sound Mode – Studio View


On the left side of the “Sound” mode interface, you’ll get the entire list of 5,000 presets from Arturia’s vintage analog synthesizers (Jupiter 8V, ARP2600 V, CS-80V, MiniV, Modular V, ProphetV & more), which can easily be listed by the synth/name/sound designer/favorite or even your personal rating of that preset. On the right side, you get an option to choose between ‘Studio’ view or ‘Filter’ view. ‘Studio’ view shows you a room with all the modelled synths sitting around where if you hover over it & select it, it’ll pick that synth as the instrument. In ‘Filter’ view, you can set a few fields for that preset’s synth. You’ll also get a ‘Data Filter’ section where you can further narrow down the sound you’re looking for.


Sound Mode - Filter and Data View

Sound Mode – Filter and Data View


The moment you plug in any of your Arturia Keyboards (MiniLab / KeyLab), the interface immediately changes to reflect your hardware. It’ll show you the same number of knobs & faders and even the keys! Now, with just a simple click of a button, you can change the parameter of the knob or fader to your desired parameter from the provided list, which is usually the most used (eg: ENV1 Attack, ENV1 Decay, VCF Freq, VCF Res, etc). If you had the full V-Collection 3.0 bundle or the full version of that particular synthesizer, you can actually change the hardware parameters to anything!




Multi Mode

Multi Mode


The “Multi” mode is a dream for session players and even sound designers! Imagine being able to combine multiple patches from different synths to form one tone, or split your keyboard into sections with different patches in each zone! Creating those options are as easy as dragging and dropping. To get started, you’ll get a plethora of Multi-Mode presets as well. Apart from just having tones across your keybed, you can furthermore add FX to process your tones and create some really interesting combinations!



Live Mode

Live Mode


Live” is the third mode from Analog Lab. Quickly organize your favorite presets (be it single sound or multi) into a list so you can access them quickly during your live performances. Enabling them can be through the Arturia Keyboards as well, so you’ll never have to even look at the screen!




Finally, the last two features of Analog Lab are catered to the keyboard users: Chords & Snapshots. For those that have the MiniLab or KeyLab 25, 49 or 61, you’ll notice a lot of pads and buttons that can be utilized. Thankfully, they’re not just there because everyone else has them too. Analog Lab can convert each pad into a certain ‘Chord‘ (eg: C3Maj, E4Min, G5Dom7, etc). This way, you’ll just need to jam on the pads with one finger but get those multiple notes playing together!

Chord Pads

Chord Pads


Snapshot allows you to store your favorite sounds (or multi) into the hardware button slots, just by dragging & dropping, so you can quickly access them on the fly.







Incredible value for money! Especially when you realize that Analog Lab comes complimentary with the MiniLab, KeyLab 25, KeyLab 49 or even the KeyLab 61! Arturia nailed it by providing loads of ‘sounds’ that you’d actually use (since you just bought a keyboard) as part of the included software, instead of samples and a DAW (which you’d probably already have).


Here are a couple demo sounds with sounds only from Analog Lab


Part 1 (Laurent Collat): Down tempo demo track made with Analog Lab only.



Part 2 (Laurent Collat): Down tempo demo track made with Analog Lab only.



Retromatic (Larry Hopkins) Track made using sounds from the Minimoog V and the ARP 2600 V.



Did you know that there’s an exclusive offer for Indian customers going on right now? With each Arturia KeyLab 49 & KeyLab 61, you get the entire V-Collection 3.0 bundle FREE. Yes, that’s right. The full versions to all of Arturia’s incredible synthesizers worth over Rs. 30,000/- itself.  It’s a limited time offer, so make sure you pick it up!

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