Tim Exile’s ‘The Mouth’ – Sound Controlled Synthesizer

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Tim Exile is back with THE MOUTH! Designed to generate melodies and harmonies out of whatever audio material you feed it, THE MOUTH is a unique and exciting way to get creative results on the fly.

Sing, beatbox or send a drum loop into it and THE MOUTH comes to life as a tweakable synthesizer, bass, vocoder or talkbox-like effect. A playful interface provides you with plenty of room to shape your results as you go.


You don’t have to be a Keynius to be a Genius

You don’t need musical training or sound design experience to get great results with THE MOUTH. THE MOUTH works by detecting the pitch of an incoming audio signal which is then auto-tuned to a selected musical scale or notes from a MIDI device – so your creations always stays in tune. The auto-tuned signal is used to trigger the synthesizer, which in conjunction with the gate parameters adds additional melody and harmony.

This makes THE MOUTH a perfect starting point for jamming and composition in the studio, or on stage as a lively and dynamic performance instrument.

The Melody Maker

There are four generators to craft your desired sound: Input (with a choice of the raw input audio, or a ‘tuned’ version), Synth, Bass and Vocoder. Everything is managed by 5 faders in a simple mixer section, which also includes a master FX section for coloring the final mix. Each generator comes with numerous different sounds easily selectable via a preset matrix in the interface.

The 8 Performance Control knobs alter both sound and amplitude envelopes at once, for easily shaping the character of the sound, and adding additional harmonies. Switch to ‘Beats Mode’, and THE MOUTH will process incoming drum patterns into interesting arpeggiated melodies.

Tim Exile & Native Instruments presents “The Mouth”

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