Moog Minitaur + Arturia BeatStep

Bassline Heaven with Minitaur & BeatStep

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The Moog Minitaur is an absolute bass monster, no other synthesizer comes close to the low end on this. The oscillators were tweaked to provide maximum low end impact! We’ve been huge fans of the Minitaur and more recently have been combining it with Arturia’s handy BeatStep controller. The two pairs up to provide us quick hands-on-control and a powerful step sequencer for some serious bassline goodness!

We were able to get all the classic 303 style patterns as well as modern ones that are perfect for all kinds of electronic music. This along with the full integration in DAW’s means we can easily capture all creativity and automate every parameter to our heart’s content. So. Much. Fun.

Quick Jam Session

We connected the BeatStep straight to the Minitaur via MIDI (omitting the need of a computer for sequencing) & the sound is a raw recording straight from the MiniTaur without any processing at all.

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