Nektar Panorama takes control over Logic Pro X

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Nektar announces a substantial upgrade to their Panorama P1, P4 and P6 keyboard controllers with deeper integration for Logic Pro X. This upgrade makes Panorama the most comprehensive Logic controller on the market with integration over the entire DAW including mixer, insert plugins, instruments and project navigation. This is a free update for existing users and is available now!
The addition of Instrument and Transport modes now means unparalleled hands-on control and flexibility. Instrument mode enables the entire Panorama control surface to be focused on controlling instrument plugins. Logic’s built-in instruments are all pre-mapped for immediate control including ES1 & ES2 synths, Vintage Electric Piano, Vintage B3 Organ, EXS24 sampler.

The mapping follows the long-standing Panorama principle of grouping parameters in labeled pages so it is a breeze to select a section from the popup menu and start controlling the assigned parameters immediately. Panorama “sees” every automatable parameter directly from Logic via Logic’s control API which is why Panorama can transparently map Logic plugins, while other products can’t.

Plugin control of course also includes AU plugins. AU instruments can be mapped across 37 real-time controls and with an additional 24 encoder pages each mapping 12 parameters. That means up to 325 instrument parameters are within reach, at any time.

The included plugin mapping editor makes editing the control assignments easy. Using a simple point and click approach, the job is done in seconds. Map files then can be shared across the user community via a linked cloud environment.

The list of features is huge:

Key Features:
–       Dedicated communication protocol for Logic Pro X
–       Customized control surface for each of Logic’s integrated Instruments
–       Transparent integration – No wrapper or VST plugin host to load on every track
–       Activate Logic’s Arpeggiator with a dedicated button for every instrument
–       Set automation Mode for selected track
–       Set and toggle auto-punch in/out
–       Scrub/shuttle controls
–       Control Smart controls
–       Browse channel settings
–       Customizable mapping for any Logic shortcut
–       Rewire support – switch Panorama’s focus between Logic and a rewired slave application

Instrument Mode:
es2-menu  ES2-env
–       Customized control surface for each of Logic’s integrated Instruments
–       Customizable control for any 3rd Party AU
–       Intuitive menu to navigate plugin parameter modules
–       37 real-time controls for instrument parameters at any time with up to 325 parameters mapped per instrument
–       Dedicated toggle button for Logic’s Arpeggiator
–       Dedicated patch browsing buttons
–       View button toggle plugin window in Logic

Transport Mode:
–       Set cycle start/end locators.
–       Set/toggle auto-punch in/out
–       Set and navigate project markers (Panorama P4 and P6 only)
–       Foot switch will or toggle play or record (Panorama P1 only)
–       Set quantize
–       Toggle Pre-count
–       Set and control shuttle/scrub

Mixer Mode:
Logic_Multitrack  logc-mixer2
–       Multi-channel mixing
–       EQ:  Full control of EQ plugin on selected track.
–       Inserts: step through insert slots 1-15, browse, instantiate and control plugins.
–       Sends: direct control of sends 1-8 on selected track.  Control Level, position, bypass and set the destination.
–       Smart Controls: control for up to 16 smart controls on selected track.  View button to toggle smart control panel
–       Instrument: browse and instantiate instrument plugins on selected track
–       View button toggles Mixer panel
–       Shift+View toggles plugin GUI
–       Patch buttons browse channel strip settings, or plugin patch (when GUI is in focus)

Panorama Global Controls:
–       Track/Bank navigation
–       100mm high-res motorized fader – controls the selected mixer channel volume
–       Mute/Solo buttons for selected track
–       Dedicated Automation mode button for selected track
–       11 Transport buttons; including click, undo, record arm, toggle automation read/latch, set/goto cycle start/end
–       F-Keys button:  when held, access to 11 assignable QWERTY controls which can be customized to any Logic shortcut.

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