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Max for Live is a tool kit for building new devices for Ableton Live. Offering unlimited customization potential, Max for Live is backed by an inspired community who share their creations.

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Build Your Own Devices:

What Comes with Max for Live?

Max for Live comes with over 100 ready-made devices to use for making music – no programming necessary, this includes an expanded collection of devices, including a number of commonly requested add-ons:

  • LFO: Apply a low-frequency oscillator to device parameters or controls in your Live Set. You can switch between six different waveforms, and use either Hertz or tempo-synced values.
  • Envelope Followers: Use the changing amplitude of any audio signal to modulate parameters in Live. Additional parameters allow you to adjust the smoothness of the envelope, switch between absolute and RMS values, and change how quickly or slowly the device responds to level changes.
  • Randomizers: Randomize any or all of the parameters in a device. The Max for Live randomizers automatically detect the devices and parameters in your Set, for effortless configuration. You can randomize on demand, or at specific musical intervals.
  • Multichannel Routing Devices: Three of the devices in the Max for Live library interact with Live’s mixer to dynamically adjust Send levels, allowing you to build powerful multichannel setups by routing Live’s Return tracks to individual speakers. When further modulated by an LFO, for example, these tools allow you to move sounds through space in controlled (or random) ways.
  • Step Sequencer: Step Sequencer can play up to four concurrent MIDI sequences, each with up to 16 steps. It also features adjustable step size and step probability, sequence shift buttons (up, down, left, right), a “random” mode and comprehensive real-time MIDI options.
  • Buffer Shuffler: Buffer Shuffler buffers incoming audio and replays it in whatever order you’ve specified. Each channel of the stereo signal can be shuffled with different patterns and there is also a “dice” mode that randomizes the shuffle pattern at each bar crossing.
  • Loop Shifter: Loop Shifter is a sample playback instrument that uses MIDI notes as triggers for playback “states”. Each MIDI note represents one state: a combination of playback rate, loop points and filter settings. Loop Shifter can allow for unpredictable results by using “morphing” transitions between states, an auto-mapping system and an “auto-play” mode that randomly chooses MIDI notes for automatic state selection.

In addition to the new devices mentioned above, Max for Live comes with more than 40 devices from the Pluggo collection. These include audio effects and instruments, all rebuilt and optimized for use within Live.

Check out some of the famous Max For Live devices made:

Robert Henke (Monolake) – GRANULATOR

Ritchie Hawtin (Plastikman) & Liine – KAPTURE

Henrik Schwarz – SCHWARZONATOR


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