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Native Instruments Maschine – Workflow

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If you still haven’t heard of Native Instruments’ MASCHINE, then you’ve definitely been stuck in a time warp. Fear not, it’s a great time to get out of that warp, especially with MASCHINE 2.0 being released along with the uber-cool & extensive MASCHINE Studio!

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of people integrate MASCHINE into their studio workflow as well as part of their setup on stage, which makes it even more appealing. The ability to create entire tracks on the fly with lots of visual feedback, in the box or sync it with your existing music to overdub is amazing. Not only is it useful for designing and playing powerful, tight drum kits, but also for creating harmonic and melodic content. However, not too many people are completely familiar on how to go about doing that. Thanks to the Native Instruments team, they’ve created a great workflow video series to showcase what you can do with it.

Check it out!

Part 1 – Drums

Part 2 – Melody

Part 3 – Sampling

Part 4 – Mixer & FX

Part 5 – Arrange

Part 6 – Export Track


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