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MAGMA Laptop Stand Traveler

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We check out MAGMA’s uber cool & super nifty laptop stand, the “Traveler”.  It can support a 12″ to 15″ laptop, iPad 2 or other compact gear like Maschine, APC 20, MPD 18, Launchpad etc. Frequently traveling DJs & performers will really appreciate its lightweight design, yet incredibly sturdy setup which folds flat for space-saving storage in your laptop-bag.

The Inventory’s overview of MAGMA Laptop Stand Traveler

If you need to make the stand more sturdy & rigid, there’s a little screw that let’s you lock the position. In addition to the already awesome ‘flip & play’ setup, it comes in a nifty little carry bag too. Plus, you get to choose between two colors: silver or black. Make your pick!

Magma Laptop Stand Traveler - Black | India

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