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Kore 2 is the Super Instrument – a powerful software / hardware system with a versatile library of more than 500 production-ready sounds with over 3,000 sound variations, plus over 100 effect settings. Find, play, and tweak sounds with unprecedented speed, power and ease. The completely revamped Kore 2 music production system makes finding, creating, playing and tweaking sound easier than ever. Kore 2 integrates six Native Instruments audio engines and comes with 500 production-ready sounds, sound variation and morphing, a completely new operating concept, redesigned controller and innumerable further innovations. Kore 2 is focused on turbo-charging workflow and freeing creative impulses.

Production-ready sound library:

Kore 2 produces cutting-edge sounds right from the start based on the integrated sound engines of Reaktor, Massive, Absynth, FM8, Kontakt and Guitar Rig. The versatile sound library covers production-ready sounds of nearly all kinds – ranging from band and orchestral instruments to synthesizers, drums, soundscapes and sound effects. Every included sound provides up to 8 sound variations which can be morphed using the unique morphing pad or the Kore controller – intricate sonic transitions are at your fingertips!

Fast and easy access to sounds:

Kore 2 makes finding the desired sound a breeze – simply choose an instrument type and its musical characteristics in the new and expanded KoreSound® Browser or use the text search function.

Analog-style control:

In Kore 2, software generated sound acquires the tactile feel of hardware. The Kore Controller’s high resolution, touch-sensitive controls guarantee tangibly direct analog-style sound manipulation. All library sounds have been pre-mapped for immediate hands on tweak-ability.

Part 1 – Browser, Sound Controls, Morphing, Effects:

Part 2 – Sound Design Features:


Part 3 – Advanced Browser Usage:

Part 4 – KORE In A Sequencer:
Part 5 – KORE As A Live Host:

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