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How To Use Ableton Push To Control Your External Hardware

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When the Ableton Push controller made its appearance last year, it made a huge impact on the way we perform music live through a computer. Its super-tight integration with Ableton Live guaranteed its stability & ease-of-use, but more than just that … it was a musical instrument than a ‘tool’. Making melodies became a breeze with Push’s scale mode and the velocity sensitive pads provided finger-drummers a perfect platform to jam out a tight rhythm section. Push’s touch-sensitive knobs & screens let you dive deeper into every parameter possible so you can tweak it out to your heart’s content. All of this, was mostly for controlling ‘virtual’ plugins (ie: soft-synths, effect plugins, daws, etc).

So what if you had an external hardware (ie: a Moog Minitaur or Arturia MiniBrute) that you wanted to control straight from Push? Luckily, it’s possible! Here are a few videos to show you the potential of Push for a fresh perspective on working with hardware.

How To Set Up Your External Hardware on Ableton Live & Recall From Push

Control External Hardware Using Ableton Push

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