Native Instruments powers Jalebee Cartel

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As time went by we have seen the human race evolve not only in our way of living but also in our use of tools from simple day to day activities to the most complex processes. In this age of technology the same goes for DJing and Electronic Music Production. As history states DJing and Music Production have come a long way since the time it began. From mediums like tapes – vinyl’s – CDs-MP3s & WAV files to the tools used tape decks – turntables –CDJs –Laptops & Digital DJing softwares. Even in the case of production from hardware synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers everything has come down to softwares and plug & play laptop devices (midi-controllers, hybrid synthesizers etc.) . Basically the laptop has become the most important tool for DJs and producers alike.

We, at The Inventory, specialise and deliver products for computer based production & DJing. Our team consists of industry professionals who are music producers & DJs that have faced the change in technology, experienced the difference to broaden creatively. We house some of the biggest brands in digital music production & DJing, one of them being Native Instruments. Apart from being prime dealers we are also the official marketing partners for them in India and it only makes us proud knowing Jalebee Cartel, India’s pioneering electronic act is now officially powered by them.

Armoured with laptops, an array of midi controllers, synthesizers and instruments (a bass guitar and percussion), storming not only some of the hottest clubs and festivals in the country but the world alike. With a mad combination of DJ sets + live performances + live sampling altogether on one stage, they’re set to destroy. They’re credited with single-handedly placing India on the international EDM map.

That’s Jalebee Cartel for you.

Jalebee Cartel (from Left-to-Right: Arjun Vagale, G-Force, Ash Roy, Ashvin Mani Sharma)

For over 5 years, Jalebee Cartel have experimented and succeeded in all aspects of live performances & productions and taken the same to a whole new level. Adding to their achievements since they began, being officially supported by Native Instruments, and their powerful weapon: Maschine, has gotten us the most excited.


Keeping that in highlight we got the Jalebee Cartel boss, Arjun Vagale himself, to say a few words on how stoked he was on this partnership, what Native Instruments products he’s been using and why he likes them –

“I’m totally excited about this partnership, but more so coz I’ve been using their products and I absolutely love them. The fact that now I’ll have access to a lot more gear puts a smile on my face :)

In the studio I’ve been using Battery, Absynth & Reaktor for as long as I can remember. For DJ’ing I made the switch to Traktor just 2 – 3 years ago. But in this time I’ve studied & explored the software inside out and now use it in a much more advanced way, synced with Maschine and a couple of other VSTi’s. The possibility of my current set-up excites me every time I play.
What I truly love about NI products is the stability and sound quality. Just got the Audio 10 and its PHAT !!!!”

Arjun Vagale (Jalebee Cartel) at Sunburn Festival, Goa

Arjun’s advice to upcoming producers & DJs –
“Start from the basics, learn the ropes and don’t be in a hurry.
Like everything in live practice makes perfect. And always remember …. Quality over Quantity!”

Following up with this we decided we needed to have an interview with the man, get a little more insight into his setup, his thoughts & experiences on the digital era. Read on…

– Your advice to upcoming DJs/Producers is to start from the basics. Not everyone can afford to buy CD players/mixers or even all gear for a production studio setup. What kind of setup would you suggest beginners to focus on when buying their gear be it a DJ or a Producer?

For DJ’s : Well … you don’t really NEED to buy anything, the best way to learn is hand on exposure the good old fashioned way … getting a residency at a club, working under a DJ who can guide you and show you the ropes. I strongly believe in this digital era, it’s very important to understand the fundamentals. So learning to play on turntables + CD players is a must. I started DJing almost 15 years ago, and I played on belt drive turntables and tape decks … even managed to match tempo of tracks using walk-mans.

For Producers : All you need is a computer and a sequencing software … that’s it !! Once you realize that your tracks are good and you think you have a future, then start buying more gear like monitors, sound-cards, midi controllers etc. One important thing when you’re starting is to focus on the track itself, not so much the production quality. If your tracks are musically good, then the production quality will come naturally in the future.

– Purists say the conventional methods of DJing, that being using turntables/CDJs, are the real ways to DJ. Are they just being purists or are they really intimidated by the possibilities of digital technology? What’s your take on the conventional vs digital methods of DJing considering that you’ve progressed to digital dj’ing from the conventional methods?

It’s an age old discussion and I stay away from such topics, simply coz in the end its about the music … about dropping the right track at the right time. I could teach my grand mom to mix 2 records in a week, but its selection on music that makes a great DJ.

– We know you have purchased the Maschine and Traktor Kontrol X1s recently. A little insight into how you have incorporated this into your setup (in a Jalebee Cartel setup & individual DJ’ing setup)?

My setup is a bit crazy at the moment, and I use this for both my DJ sets and Live sets, Just makes my life simpler … I have a mac running Traktor & Ableton synced. On Traktor I’m running 3 decks, on Ableton I’m running the Maschine software & a bunch of Loops (For the live set I have a LOT of loops) The Maschine also acts as a controller for Ableton and the X1‘s control Traktor. The live set & DJ set are ofcourse routed very differently internally and its complex. So i won’t get into too much detail… What I would love is a 5 channel mixer but sadly you don’t get them too often :(


Arjun Vagale playing on Traktor with Maschine & Kontrol X1

– How has your experience been while picking up gear in India over the last few years? What would you like to see change or be done better in this regard that would help Producers/DJs like yourself?

In the past it’s been a nightmare really, prices in India are ridiculous. They really need to find a way to reduce them. But I have to say the Inventory is doing a super job promotion & selling products. The bottom line is at least now things are available, not like 10 years ago when I couldn’t buy anything here and had to import everything …. I was once offered a 1200 for 65K  :) thank god those days are gone.

We’d like to thank Arjun for having spared time off his tight schedule to do this interview with us. Congratulations to him & the Jalebee crew on this massive achievement. We leave with you a clip of Jalebee Cartel’s latest performance in India at BlueFrog (Mumbai) after their 3-month europe tour.


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