Ableton Push 2 and Live 9.5 Now available in India!

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Ableton have just launched an update to their hardware and software platforms with the announcement of Ableton Push 2 and Ableton Live 9.5. It came as a surprise with no ‘teasers’ or coming soon posts from their end. Ableton have really pushed themselves having completely re engineered the push and software integration . They have even parted ways with Akai in terms of manufacturing the hardware and are now doing it themselves. This is a first for them and boy have they got it right!! We at the inventory are proud to be a part of the global launch of their new hardware and software with stock available on the launch day! Lets have a look at whats new.


Push 2


– From a distance the hardware looks similar to the older hardware, but once its on and in use its a whole new experience. The new Colour LCD display adds a lot to the whole user experience and gives a lot of feedback about whats going on with each track.

-With a slimmer profile and dedicated keys for navigation/track select and keyboard/session navigation , things have gotten a lot more easier to wrap ones head around.

– The pads are soft to touch but firm. They respond very well to the softest touch and have a low profile. There are even options to adjust the sensitivity of the pads to suit everyone’s touch!

-Also new is a dedicated ‘Convert’ Button used to convert recorded samples or audio clips into a simpler device for live re pitching or slice re arranging! This is where the fun is at! They have integrated the best feature of live into the hardware and makes sampling really fun!

– The scale button expands from the earlier push providing direct access to even more scales from before! They also integrated the scales with the sessions so that when you open a session it remembers the scale and key it was on and sets the controller to that scale automatically!!

– The gorgeous colour display is crisp and bright when plugged into a power source and ableton have integrated live’s track colours to the push track display and keyboard layout so you always know what track your on! It also displays the waveforms now which makes slicing and warping a dream! It also displays levels of each track showing you both peak and rms levels and even goes red when a track clips!

– The touch encoders are spot on and makes determining values and browsing through the libraries a breeze.

– The new browser on the push makes navigating through samples and instruments an effortless experience and is incredibly fast and smooth. Even if you’ve got a massive library the push browser dives into it like its nothing and helps you find what your looking for! You can access your 3rd party instruments and effects from the browser too!



Ableton 9.5



The new version of Ableton will primarily be to integrate support for the Push 2 instrument, but there are a few feature additions as well. As we noted above, the way Ableton’s Simpler sampling instrument has been improved significantly with a completely redesigned interface that introduces warping and slicing capabilities and new-analog-modeled filters. Users can now slice samples across the keyboard, play one shots, or warp longer samples even if they haven’t acquired the Push 2.

Speaking of analog, Ableton has listened to users wanting to hear more analog modeled synthesis in the program with new filters based on classic vintage hardware that self-resonate, produce feedback, and distort harmonically. These filters were engineered in collaboration with Cytomic and will be included in the Simple, Sampler, Operator, and Auto Filter devices. Listen to them in the video below:

There will also be new instruments coming with Live 9 Suite which includes three new Max for Live synthesizers. Bass is a monosynth that is designed for low frequency sounds and modulations; Poli compliments Bass as a polyphonic synth specializing in strings, pads, and stabs; and Multi is the synth that is designed for immediate tweakability from Push 2.

Ableton 9.5 also features newly improved meters and waveforms. The mixer volume meters now show both peak and RMS levels which allow producers to clearly see sudden changes in levels as well as perceived loudness; a must have for mixing and mastering. The waveforms show much more detail in audio samples and Ableton has also worked to smooth out the zooming and scrolling functions.

Ableton 9.5 is a free update for existing users.

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